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Basic explanation of UGR
2014-8-19 4:35:49

The unified glare rating (UGR) is a measure of the glare in a given environment, recommended by the International Commission on Illumination. It is basically the logarithm of the glare of all visible lamps, divide by the background lumination L_{b}.

GR=8\log{0.25\over L_{b}}\Sigma_{n}({L_{n}^2\omega_{n}\over p_{n}^2}),\!

where \log is the common logarithm, L_{n} is the luminance of each light source numbered n, \omega_{n} is the solid angle of the light source seen from the observer and p_{n} is the Guth position index, which depends on the distance from the line of sight of the viewer.

1. What is UGR < 19 Panel
[WISE]: UGR is abbreviation of Unified Glare Rating, UGR < 19 require the Luminance < 3000 cd/ @ gamma 65°(anti-glare)

2. Why does Wise develop the UGR < 19 panel:
[WISE ]: To meet EN12464-1, create the eye comfort working environment. Highly required in hospital, school, and office etc.

3. How does Wise panel achieve UGR < 19:
[WISE ]: Use special designed Micro Prismatic Diffusor which illuminate by narrow beam angle to achieve UGR < 19 effect.

4. Does UGR < 19 panel cost more expensive than regular version?

[WISE ]: Of course not, it just be as similar as regular version price, e.g.

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